Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Squeezing my heart!

I know I am biased, but I just think my kids are the greatest! All three of them went trick-or-treating last night, even though the two older ones are probably "too old". Not in my book anyway! Carmen and Eric have been planning their costumes for weeks. I'm very proud of the way they have constructed their costumes from "scratch" instead of going with "off the rack". Carmen was Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown (a show on Cartoon Network) and her friend Selah was Kimiko from the same show. Eric, obviously, was a mime and he had a great time miming for candy!
Max was the only one who wasn't prepared. Finally, the night before Halloween he tells me all about this Cyborg mask he wants that will cover half of his face and all of his mullet! (He doesn't have a mullet, BTW!) Since I was on Step 60 of my Fast and Easy, my a** dress, I put Earl on the task. This was right up his alley. So using Eric as a mannequin, he got to work. Here are some progress pics:

Max for the final fitting. I couldn't allow him to cover an eye---Hello? periphereal vision? But he was pleased just the same. If you look close at the photo below you will see that we added a lens over his right eye. Cool enough! The shirt has a special history. Years ago someone gave us a Darth Vader costume. The mask wasn't included, but Max loved the jumpsuit part. He wore it as often as he could for play. This summer I found myself hiding it from him because it was so small and shabby, but he still loved it. The last day of summer I cut out the bodice part and zigzagged it onto a grey tee shirt. Now it makes both of us happy!
One more thing squeezing my heart last night and that was my neighborhood! It was packed with kids! It looked the way I remember Halloween looked when I was growing up. So many cool people handing out treats and then there's the family that runs the Haunted House. They do it every year and collect cans for a food drive. It is very cool. Also, Carmen and her friends conducted a poll as they trick-or-treated. The asked the homeowners if they thought high schoolers were too old for trick-or-treating. Four said "yes, you're too old." But ten said "no, keep coming back!" The way I see it is if they are still excited about dressing up and getting out in the neighborhood, then more power to them! Soon enough these girls will be on the other side of the door handing out the candy. Let them be kids for a while. They had such fun! One of Carmen's friends was a big orange Tetris block! If you go to that much trouble- you deserve something sweet!

3 friends said....:

  1. You've got some adorable kids there! I love the creativity in the costumes!

  2. Great costumes & adorable young people! It sounds like fun!

    Your china cabinet looks good, too!


  3. Great pix! You're never too old for trick or treating. Okay, nineteen maybe. Depends on the neighborhood. My last year was eighth grade. I tried in ninth but the people were just too rude. When was your last TorT, Bettsi?


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