Thursday, November 09, 2006

Some EFA dollies for Dannielle to see (pic heavy)

I thought it would be kind of fun to see all of my EFA dolls in one place. Danielle just got a copy of Edith Flack Ackley's Dolls to Make for Fun and Profit and she's itching to make one! I remember that feeling and I have to say I'm feeling a little itchy myself! They are such fun dolls. So many sweet little details and variations. Considering how talented Princess Nimble-Thimble is, it's going to be a real treat to see what she creates.This was my first EFA. her name is Molly and I made her in 2003. She has very pale china blue eyes. When she was finished I carried her around with me for about a week. I couldn't stop looking at her! I can't remember where I sent her to. I wish I had kept better records of where my things went. Anyway, I sold her on ebay and I hope she is in a good home!
This is Sari, a character created by my daughter when she was nine. When Carmen saw Molly, she wanted me to make Sari using the same pattern.Becky Jo was made in the summer of 2003 for a patriotic doll challege by Sherri Nordgren, whose blog I have lost! Boohoo! She is one of the sweetest ladies in doll land. This little blond girl was made as a commission for a woman whose Mother had a doll just like this one, but had been lost for many years. That was neat to be a part of!
Gabriella is a tree topper that I made for my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas 2004. I wish I could re-do her face, but Deb probably won't let me!Rose is a very special dolly who lives in Folsom now, I think. She is the only one who got the EFA curls. I really think she is the prettiest one I've ever done, but I wish I had gotten better photos.Baby was really fun to do. She was made from a heavy sweatshirt type knit fabric which gave her a wonderful form. I donated her to a charity auction.Happy Clowners! What can I say about this cutie-pie? He was made from EFA's book Marionettes. I'll have to do another one, cause they are so fun!This beauty lives in France with my friend Helene. In exchange I got the most exquisite handmade doll hat for which I still need to make a doll!This doll was made for my friend Elaine who made for me a teeny tiny EFA! The one she made for me looks like my mother! I couldn't believe it when I got it- it's so remarkable!This is Gerta. She is the last EFA I made. That was in early 2006, I think. She is wonderful! Six inches tall and wired for posing!
Seeing all these old friends again makes me want to pull out my patterns and get to work! *sigh* So many projects, so little time!

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  1. I love Beck Jo and Baby the most! You are SO talented!!

  2. *Sigh* Thanks for the wonderful EFA eye candy! Your creations are beautiful! Josephine

  3. By the way, that clown is the spittin' image of Caillou

    a link in case you don't watch pbs cartoons anymore lol

  4. Your EFAs are perfect. I'm very picky about EFA so you can trust me that they're fabulous. :)

    I lost Sherrie's blog, too!

  5. A gallery of EFA's. Thank you Bettsi for putting them on show for us. You know, the one doll I am itching to make again is an EFA.

  6. your dolls are just amazing! Beautiful!

  7. Your EFA dolls are wonderfull. Very beautifully and professionaly made.
    I am so glad that people are discovering these dolls. I was afraid she would be lost to posterity.


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