Friday, November 17, 2006

Scrap Happy Update

Happy being the definitive word here! It was 10:00 last night before I was finally able to do some sewing, but I feel like I accomplished alot in my one hour. I drew out my template, cut out the pieces, and sewed the fronts to the backs. And this morning I was able to squeeze out a little more sewing time and cut out the linings. I even got those stitched together and as you can see from the lower photo, I got a complete purse pinned together! Woohooo! I am using groovy hem facing from the seventies for the straps. I took two lengths and stitched them together with top stitching. My hope is that the two seams will keep the bias tape from doing what bias tape does, which is s..t..r..e..t..c..h! My feeling is that the girls aren't going to weigh down their purses the way we grown up girls do. And this tape is just so cool! My sister-in-law, Deb, picked it up at a garage sale and I love the bright punchy colors. As you can see, I have one more kanzashi to start and they all still need the pins and the button centers- I can't wait to break out the button jars to pick the perfect ones!
If you followed the links I posted the other day then you already saw this. But what I didn't link to was Lyn's tutorial. I love these bracelets so much! I'm going to show the kids how to make these and they can make them as gifts for their teachers and friends. I even think that one could make a "masculine" edition for the guys. Anyway, I look forward to trying it. One will go into each little purse, of course!

4 friends said....:

  1. what a sweet shape! and i agree that bias tape strap is way groovy.

  2. they're turning out sooo cute! I love all the fabrics you've used.

  3. Oh, so pretty! I'm lovin' the pics! Josephine


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