Friday, October 20, 2006

X years old!

Gosh, my birthday boy is big! He's like a giant! Of course, he was big when he was born too! When I was pregnant with him, I carried him just like I carried Carmen, out front and high. Eric had been low and wide! I was sure I was carrying a girl. And when I had my ultrasound, I was told I had a girl. I had a girl's name picked out, Grace Kelleen, and pink gingham flannel bedding in the crib. Um, surprise? Poor little baby didn't even have a name! Earl and I had to study the baby name book the night he was born, hoping something would strike us right! When I saw the name Max meaning "the greatest" I knew I had struck gold! You see, at 8 pounds, 5.6 ounces he was my biggest baby. My MAXimum capacity! And that is how Max Ethan got his name!
These are the cupcakes that went to school with him. Apparently they were a big hit. Yay! They were a little tricky to make. I learned the hard way to be very careful about not overfilling them! 2/3 and not one drop more! I can't believe that I'll only get to do this one more time. Next year he will be a sixth grader and it will be my last cupcake drop off. The problem with the youngest child is that every milestone is my last milestone and it always makes me sad. Darn them for growing anyway! I told Max he wasn't allowed to do that and he didn't listen. I think I'm going to be a terrible empty nester!

6 friends said....:

  1. Happy Birthday, Max! Wow, those cupcakes look amazing!!! Josephine

  2. The "X" years old thing is so cool! ;-) The cupcakes are awesome. I hope it was a wonderful day!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Max!

    My youngest, Bridget Pauline, was supposed to have been a Bryce Richard. Luckily for us we DID have a name because I just couldn't ignore my intuition.

    That didn't change the fact that we still had a closet full of little boy clothes!

  4. OOH, marshmallow cones. Yummy, and very clever.
    Happy birthday to Max the X man. It's bound to be a good year.

  5. I love the ice cream cone cupcakes but they are too hard to transport since they all tip over in a pan.
    How did you get them to school without them all tipping??

  6. Awesome cupcakes. I'm so glad that you are allowed to do that. Where it's not allowed, the kids really miss out... not jut on treats but the socializing and sharing.


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