Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thank you, Friends!

I appreciate all the cake love left for me in comments! I came up with an idea that I thought was original, but after searching, I have found that it's already been done! I'm doing a spider web cake. Except, since I'm in the mood for spice cake, that's what I'll make! I'm thinking a cream cheese frosting and then doing the web in chocolate. I think I'll add as many plastic spiders as there are children attending and then they can take them home. If time allows, I think caramel apples would be a fun take-home favor too. Later (when I pick up my camera where I left it at home), I will show you the cupcakes I made for his class today. So cute! Today is his actual birthday. Today he is 10! Or as he says, X!

2 friends said....:

  1. The cake sounds awesome! And I would love if I came home from a party with a caramel apple. In fact, I would love it if my KIDS came home with a caramel apple. I would steal it while they were sleeping and devour it. I love caramel apples!

  2. Oh yeah, that's another thing that didn't get done! I'd like a caramel apple right now! Let's go get some and sit on your front porch and enjoy them!


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