Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random Pics From The Home Front

I may have shown this before, but I love it so. Buddy, Buddy, Buddy. He inspires all of us to talk in the Buddy voice. (Which kind of sounds like Ed from Ed, Edd and Eddy. Buddy says things like, "Mom, let's go play" and "I like leftovers") He is such a big dog of love and I really like the way this picture is *all* hound doggy nose.
Mr. Maximus working on his homework like a good boy. A moment so beautiful and rare that it had to be captured!

Yoda, getting so big! He loves to be carried around like a baby. He is now an official grown up since he just celebrated his one year birthday.

Yoda, a couple of months ago pretending to be a big, ferocious tiger. Isn't he scary? Actually, Earl has been looking up info on the clan McComb and he found out that our family motto is "Touch not the cat, but with a glove". Weird, but it totally fits at our house where we don't even try to touch Yoda when he's in his kitty kondo 'cause he is one crazy cat!

This is Tiny Little. She looks a little evil in this photo, but she's not. She just woke up. Yes, she sleeps in this itty bitty basket. Doesn't she look like a Jack In The Box?
Pretty, pretty princess Carmen. She is so lovely. I wish she could see that, but in typical teenage fashion, she can only see the negatives and none of the positives.
I have no dolly news today and no decorating things to share, but I do have these treasures. These have been collecting in my camera for a while and they're awfully cute.

5 friends said....:

  1. I love these little glimpses into your life. Thanks for showing.

  2. love the doggy nose photo! Tell Carmen she is beautiful!

  3. Bettsi, These photos are lovely! Carmen is beautiful. Isn't it remarkable how our daughters can't see their own beauty? Josephine

  4. Lovely pictures, children, cats, and dog! I also love your family motto, touch not the cat. We've had one of those types of cats!

  5. Stuffed here.

    Carmen is too cute (great 'do!). That teen dis-ease thing is terrible but there's a cure: Time!

    Love the pets and the studious kidlet. I have one cat that is never happier than when he's stuck upside in a box that's too small. Perhaps he's related to your Jack in the box gal.


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