Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Level of Gross

Kitty Litter Cake. Mmmmm! What's next? Frat house floor cake? Ugh! If I went to a party and this was brought to the table, I'd have to leave. I can barely stand to even look at this picture. Yesterday, I got laid up with a very bad sore throat. I was worried it might be strep, but I feel better today, so I'm not going to stress over it. Anyway, I decided to hunt online for a good birthday cake for Max's party this weekend. I'm not opposed to some grossness for Halloween theme stuff, but this just goes beyond anything I'm willing to make. Or eat. A few years ago when Eric turned eleven, we did a fun Nickelodeon type party with really active, gooey games. I did an awesome cake for that. I made a lemon cake in a sheet pan. Then I cut it into squares and mounded them into a pyramid shape. Then I made the filling for lemon meringue pie and tinted it with neon green food coloring. When it cooled a little bit, I poured it over my cake mound and then added gummy worms to the layers. It was very cool- kind of like a big Shrek sneeze! The coolest part was how good it tasted! I'd like to make that again in a pretty version. I am still without a cake idea for Max's party though. Any suggestions? He does want a Halloween theme.

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  1. hi Betts! I've got a recipe for a "broomstick" cake. Basically it's a chocolate 'poke' cake- you make a sheet cake, then poke holes into it with a dowel or spoon handle. Then you pour vanilla pudding colored w/orange food coloring on top, making sure it goes into the poke wells. It's not scarey, but it's tastey. There are those red velvet cake mixes out now too- they seem like they could be used in a gruesome manner quite easily. San

  2. We looked at poke cakes- I think they're cool, but Max was unimpressed. I like the jack-o-lantern cakes too. They're made from two bundt cakes, but again, not pleasing the birthday boy! Thank you for the suggestion, Sandra, I appreciate it.

  3. ewwwww! I have quite a sweet tooth but I don't think I could get past the nasty with the kitty litter cake.

  4. Hi Bettsi, I'll be making worms-in-dirt cupcakes for my Max this weekend. Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate frosting, some choc. sprinkles (jimmies!), and a gummy worm coming up out of the frosting. Maybe not spooky enough for Halloween? Martha (THE Martha) has some marshmallow ghost toppers for cupcakes too. (But I've tried her marshmallow toppers before, and there was much swearing. And toppling snowmen followed by more swearing.) And somewhere I've seen frosting applied as to look like spiders, some black stringy candy for the legs.

  5. If someone served cat box cake to me, I'd be tempted to put their face in it. Gross is fine as long as it isn't too realistic.

    I like the worms in dirt. It's cute but you've already done similar. Hmm.

    Tell the b-day boy you're going to make a pink and lace trimmed cake if he doesn't tell you exactly what he wants right this very second! LOL

    Frankenstein's monster? Count Dracula? Werewolf? Too retro? Hey, I want an Elsa Lancaster cake!

  6. I saw on someone's blog (I am bad about blogging and never remembering where I see things), that they made cupcakes and used marshmallows to make a little skull head, they were awfully cute. She had planned on doing an entire skeleton, but decided to just stick with the skull. She used jimmies for the face features...i think...

  7. Ugh! I couldn't imagine why you were posting a picture of a litter box! It looks so realistic.

    My Jacob's 5th birthday is coming up on Wednesday, and he is still at the age where Thomas the Tank Engine and Veggietales are extremely impressive. As far as Halloween goes, I'm only ever able to think of cutesy ideas. Hmmm... I'll have to think on it.


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