Monday, October 02, 2006

Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!

In typical toddler fashion, little Wendy has no modesty and is gleefully naked! Is she not darling? I feel so lucky to have scored this little cutie-pie Saturday on ebay. I was in a little bidding war and was really trying not to get too excited. I refreshed the page and couldn't believe my eyes when it said I was the winning bidder! I am particularly happy that she is a brunette like her big sister who, by the way, is delighted about this turn of events. Can't wait for her to arrive!
As you can see, Cissette has a new sweater! This is from a cashmere sweater I bought last year and accidently washed and dried with the rest of my clothes! This is why I can't have nice things! I winged the pattern myself, so I was pretty amazed when it fit so perfectly. The flower is bugle beads and the vine is embroidered with regular sewing thread. Sewing the black braid on the edge was the hardest part and it doesn't do well under close scrutinization, but you're way out there and can't see the sloppy stitches!

5 friends said....:

  1. I love the little sweater you made for her! It's so pretty! And the flower embroidery really makes it special. Great job!

  2. Her dress and sweater are beautiful! Well done, as always, Bettsi! Josephine

  3. Oh, the outfit is lovely. I adore the sweater. Isn't Wendy hilarious? Love that lil chubbo.

  4. oh! so beautiful!! i love the old ones best. They just seem to have so much character.

    Yeah, ebaying for MA dolls is not for the faint-hearted. My mom has been searching for the Little Women set. She has Jo and Amy, and she already won a Beth. Now she just needs the Meg and Marmee. She's getting slightly obsessed, I think. But I guess it's a good thing to get obsessed about.

    that sweater is darling. beautiful fit too!

  5. The sweater is absolutely perfect! I love it!! I'm still dyin' over those heels. I can just see Cissette prancing around behind some gigantic old hoover with some swing music playing in the backround. I think she's got a bit of "party girl" in her.


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