Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm a little confused!

Which is really nothing new for me! My darling little Wendy came today and in my head I knew she was 8", but I was under the impression that she was like Cissette's little sister. Is this not the case? She seems a little too bulky to work as a little sister to Cissette. I should write to Kathleen and see what she knows. In the meantime, if anyone out there knows more about these Madame Alexander dolls, I would appreciate your help. She is darling, but she's not the scale that I pictured.

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  1. I asked my mama who knows about these things.

    She said that MA made the Wendy dolls first, then came out with the Cisette dolls after Barbies started becoming popular. So Cisette is more womanly-shaped, while the Wendy dolls are shaped more like girls.

    But she said she didn't think they were meant to really be sisters. I have both an 8" and a Cisette-style doll, and you're right, they're not really the same scale. Cisette should be much taller to look like the grown-woman version of the 8"doll.

    Hope this helps some, so sorry your Wendy is not what you expected!

    and p.s. your buddy and yoda are sooo cute!

  2. Thank you, Julieree! Now that I'm used to them, the scale difference doesn't bother me at all. Also, they told me that since they are dolls and not people, it doesn't matter if they are not sized "right"- they are still sisters. (And yes, I might be a little bit crazy!)

  3. LOL They are off scale-wise and I never thought about it. Just used to it, I guess.


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