Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Got my butt kicked this weekend!

I feel better able to write this post than I did yesterday! I was in a bit (okay, a lot) of a funk because I disappointed myself with Max's party. First because there was so much work involved in getting ready and I feel like it was all over so quickly and, as usual, I couldn't seem to slow down and enjoy it. And secondly, I barely got any photos and I'm not happy with any of the ones I did get. I don't know what happened here:
I was trying to get a pic of Max and his cake and instead got a group shot! The cake turned out yummy, but after going to five stores and not finding plastic spider rings, we had to settle for an empty spider web. Here are some lovely "after the party" pictures since I am too much of a SlackerMom to actually get any good pictures.
I was really excited about these bats that Carmen and I cut out and hung over the table. They didn't photograph very well, but in person they are pretty cool. 19 bats in all, just swayin' in the breeze. I also used Jenny's free alphabet to make the word BOO on our front door. It looks adorable and I was reminded of Oscar when I was hanging it and asking the family, "Does this look cute?"
Greasy Mummy Dogs made with refrigerated bread stick dough and hot dogs. I made these for the kids and they were a hit. For the grownups there were homemade chicken nuggets, Caesar salad and a yummy corn/sausage chowder. And lots of appetizers too like South Georgia Caviar , spider deviled eggs (Sunset magazine- so cute- thanks, Sandra!) and a veggie tray. It seemed like so much food, but it went really fast. Here's a view of the carnage:
After the food, cake and present opening, we went to our decrepit neighborhood bowling alley where I forgot to bring the camera! We bowled two games and I don't think Max broke 30 on either game, but he was smiling from ear to ear the whole time, so who cares about the score anyway? (BTW, bowling is expensive! $80 for eight people to bowl two games. Wow!) The bowling alley is decrepit, but kind of cool. It is a true midcentury relic. It's called Fireside Lanes and the lounge is so cool. Great pendant lamps hanging from a black ceiling and a big din0-rock fireplace that is probably never lit anymore. I should really get some photos for my neglected flickr group.
What I really want to learn how to do is to throw a party and not have it throw me! There was a time in my life (when I was a SAHM), that I was able to do this. Since becoming a full-time working mommy, it has become so hard. I may be holding myself to the same standards I had during that earlier period. It's hard to know for sure. Our own experience is so subjective, isn't it? I may be too hard on myself...or I may really be a slacker who is too easily overwhelmed by tasks that other women don't struggle with at all. Anyway, I will focus my memory on Max's giant grin and his obvious delight and I will try to learn ways to entertain that don't involve me getting into an absolute tizzy!
In other news, Cissette got the nicest little parcel from her benefactor, Princess Nimble-Thimble! Look at this beautiful little shawl! Thank you so much, Danielle! She loves it! Do you see the little box at Cissette's feet? Danielle made that too and a super cute card that didn't make it into the picture. This shawl is so soft and lovely. I can't wait to try it on her with her black outfit. Unfortunately, that new black skirt requires some alterations, so that might be a while! Anyway, I love it and I think you can see that little Wendy loves it too! I see squabbles ahead!

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  1. Don't be so hard on yourself! Like you said, the important thing is that Max had a huge grin on his face. This post makes me think of my mother - she is so concerned about taking pictures that she can't enjoy the moment. And I don't think you are a slacker. I am home all day with my brood, and I can barely get anything done (much less plan the perfect party). BTW - I've been looking high and low for spider rings too. They are nowhere to be found . . .

  2. You want to know what I hate? I hate when my MIL throws a HUGE party, and spend sthe whole time behind a camera, or making someone else take pictures. No one can enjoy the party because they have to stop for pictures all the time. Max's party sounds like a blast. Those spider eggs are awesome and I love your mobile. Wanna know what I liked the best about your pics? Those wall!!!???? What a bright happy color! I love it.

  3. I totally agree with Becka (which is a good thing since she's one of my "in real life" friends!).

    You were not the prolific photographer because you were busy celebrating with your family. Your focus was well placed, in my opinion. :)

    Cissette's looking lovely in her shawl. I was worried it wouldn't fit.

  4. Hey, it looks like it was a great party! And I love the color of your walls. Have you seen the latest issue of domino? THe cover apartment has that same color on the walls. very cool!

  5. Hey, I've put on a ton of parties for my kiddos, and your party looks like it was hugely successful! Success to me is if all are happy & have a good time! Keep up the good work!! (btw, I'm posting a blog on *perfection* here soon).

  6. Wow, you throw a shindig. Food for the adults is unheard of around here. I'm dying over the mere thought of a spice cake. Ah...


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