Monday, October 16, 2006

Fast and Easy, my A**!

I actually said that out loud yesterday, with real s's instead of the wimpy asterisks. My 13 year old Eric said, "Mom, you swear all the time now." That is so not true! He does not like swearing at all. Good boy. Carmen, however, is another matter. Bad girl. Eric loves to tell me all the things she says when I am not there to act as censor. Isn't he helpful? We're really not a swearing family. I remember when I was little, if I heard a swear word, it made my stomach feel funny. I think Eric is like that. The best non-swearer in the family is Earl who has been know to use such expletives as "Heck, Shoot, Darn!" Oh my frickin' ears!

Anyway, I'll say it again: Fast and Easy, my a**! Look at the picture I showed you on Saturday. It says it right there- Fast and Easy! Liars!

After hours and hours of sewing this is all I have to show for it. There is a lot of hand sewing to this dress. I like hand sewing, but I don't like being lied to. I expected it to take a long time until I was cutting out the pattern pieces and saw those words. Then I thought, "Great, maybe I'll be done by Monday and can wear it to work!" I remember a time when the easy patterns even told you how long it should take to make the garment. Apparently they don't do that anymore.

Okay, enough ranting! Here's a close up of the fabric:

I didn't see how "lizardy" it was when I was at the store. Oh well. I like it. So there.

Earl was much more productive this weekend. First he and some friends (and Eric) went down to Tiburon for a day of fishing. Secondly, he planted this beautiful river birch in our backyard:

So cute! (OMG, is this man fine or what?!)

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  1. Hi Betts! You forgot "Tarter Sauce!" The dress is looking great so far- you've probably gotten the slow, tedious part done. It is puzzling what qualifies as 'fast and easy'. I 'd like to see the rating scale they use. I imagine it's a comparison thing- like 'next to brain surgery, this is Fast & Easy! And then there's the "make it tonight, wear it tomorrow" lie. Anymore, I just double all time estimates and pray. Happy sewing! Sandra

  2. I agree, I think you've just done all the really difficult parts. Necklines, sleeves, bodices? Ugh. Skirts are easy. Perhaps the joining of the skirt to the waistband might be a wee bit tricky, but probably not. Is there a zipper in the back?

    My first thought on seeing your fabric (which is very nice, BTW) was that it looked like the color palette you'd see in a Monet painting. Maybe water lilies or something like that. I can see why you thought "lizardy", but it wasn't my first thought.

  3. Lizardy?? noooo way girl! It's looking great. You'll be on the home run now-the hardest bits are done.

  4. That dress is so pretty...I may need to go get the pattern.

  5. 'next to brain surgery, this is Fast & Easy!' Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha!
    The big pattern producers are full of it.

    Now, what is 'it?' I haven't found a suitable replacement. I don't like the word crap. I quit swearing ages ago but it's come back big time. I blame the net. Why not? Blame the net for everything. It's much nicer than blaming Canada. I try to say odd things instead, Bosh! Heavens to Betsy! LOL I even think in cussing. Help.

    It's very nice and appears to be lizard free. Looks like a lovely abstract painting to me.


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