Friday, October 13, 2006

Curiosity Killed The Cat

I was one of those children that peeked at her presents under the tree. No, I didn't just peek, I unwrapped and played with my presents. My brother Jonathan and I both did. (Hey, I see you, Jon! Stop trying to look all innocent!) We were truly awful. As the latchkey kids of a single mom, we had way too much unsupervised time in which to get into trouble. The crazy thing is, we were never caught! Even after we hopelessly tangled up our slinkies and had to act disappointed when we "unwrapped" them, Mom never caught on! I've told my children this story of my misdeeds and I always end the story with how much I regret my actions and how I wish I could go back in time and be a virtuous child.

Why am I telling you this? Because, apparently my sneaky inner child is healthy and well! I could not stand not knowing who Cissette's secret admirer is! I had to go poking about. I studied my StatCounter pages and noticed that I was getting visitors coming to me from a particular page on the Crafty Mamas forum. So, of course, I had to go register and take a look. What do I see there? A thread from dear sweet Dannielle, chronicling her good deed. It seems that the fun of the project needed to be shared and so she confided in her friends at Crafty Mamas since, you know, husbands don't always "get" the whole doll play thing. Now, this might have worked out well if only I had been smart enough to create a secret identity when I registered at Crafty Mamas, but nooooooo, I had to go and create the username "Bettsi". Within minutes of my discovery, I get a private message from Dannielle titled "Nosy much?" !!oh!! Talk about getting caught red-handed! I feel like such a heel! I ruined it for Dannielle and for me and, of course, for Cissette! Dannielle says we don't have to tell Cissette, but I don't know. She's pretty intuitive- I'll bet she knows already!

Thank you, Dannielle, for being so gracious to this undeserving peeker! I hope you'll still be my friend!

5 friends said....:

  1. Wuh-woh. You may earn the nickname Snooky. Snooksi? LOL That statcounter can be a terrible temptation. Something tells me that Cissette is just as curious and has already read your post!

  2. Oh please! Me...mad? NO WAY! I'm about as easy going as they come. :)

    I'm also a fellow peeker. Although I was the sneaky sort that slit the tape on packages with a razor blade so as not to leave evidence of my peeking.

    Once I saw you had a stat counter I knew I'd be busted quickly. I couldn't very well not look at your blog. And I can't hide being in St. Louis.

    I just couldn't help wanting to "play dolls" when I saw how excited you were over dressing Cissette in her new dress and sweater. It's rare to find another adult who not only gets giddy over such things, but is also willing to admit it publicly. :) So, of course, we're still friends :)

    It might be time for Cissette to begin stalking the postman, by the way ;-)

  3. Are you sure your mom didn't know? Now that I'm a mom, I'm re-thinking all my assumptions about what my mom knew or didn't know.

  4. Oh, Bettsi, you're too funny! You know, I was never tempted to look for my Christmas presents. I was way too obedient as a child. Josephine

  5. Josephine- You were a very good girl-good for you! Dannielle, I won't tell Cissette that the mailman has something for her. Hopefully, Amanda Lee is wrong and she doesn't know the game is up!


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