Friday, September 22, 2006

Vintage Pretty

So last night I was leaving my sons' room and the bathroom caught my eye with its prettiness! That seems so strange doesn't it? Well, two weeks ago I found a pretty organdy shower curtain at Goodwill for $5 and it inspired me to get in there and do some fixin' up. It's not a great bathroom. See the original pink tub? I wouldn't mind it if the other fixtures were still there, but in the 70's someone did some updating and it's not very well done.

I especially don't like the homemade vanity with the beige formica counter. We added the medicine cabinet and the cabinet above the toilet. We also added the faucets and a new light fixture and towel bars. So now it's a funky mix of 50's, 70's and faux vintage!

The things I did were purely cosmetic, but they did make a pleasant change. I decided to play up the vintage look and spiff things up a bit while I was there. I replaced the old tension shower rod that was peeling the paint right off the wall with a screw in type and I re-hung the towel bar that my husband had hung neck high(!). I patched up the paint which made a huge difference! I took out all of Earl's "nautical" decor and put in my blue and white things. I love my plates. The one on top is from Goodwill and is, I think, very old. The two on the bottom are ones that my mother brought back from England. I also love my little milkglass hobnail lamp. I usually only keep the lower half lit- it's a wonderful nightlight. I think it was the glow of the lamp that drew me in to take these pictures! Anyway, it's funny how a few little changes can make you like a space. And since the rest of the house feels like it will never get done, it's nice to have one room that I enjoy!

P.S. I do have a saved post concerning the living room and if I can talk Blogger into uploading the pictures, I might actually post it someday! It's mostly a plea for help!

3 friends said....:

  1. Very nice. Love the cabinets and the blue and white. I also have a sink and tub I don't love. Definitely prefer working with to gutting. Looking forward to the living room post.

  2. You choose really great colours, Bettsi. Those plates are pretty, too. Josephine

  3. Had trouble leaving a post a couple of days ago-v. happy I can now do it.
    I love the bathroom-I am into eclectic mixes. Great plates-I have a whole collection of blue & white plates too.
    I want to see the living room post-looking forward to it.
    I am thrilled that you are still blogging-you have a gift with words.


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