Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thank you, Princess Nimble-Thimble!

I ordered some of Danielle's wonderful autumn potpourri and she got it to me lickety split! This stuff is amazing! First, it smells wonderful and second, it looks beautiful! Check this out.

Unfortunately, I have to link you over to flickr because blogger is such a stupid butt-head. I've been trying to upload all morning and it won't do it! Anyway, it's a cute shot so I hope you'll go see it. Earl and Eric helped me set up a cute display of the potpourri on our dining room table. I also have a big bowlful on the coffee table. Danielle is generous with her portions!

I was going to give you a link to her etsy shop, but she sold out! Well, you just have to trust me on this one- it is divine. Keep your eye on her blog because if she makes any more available, you need to have it!

1 friends said....:

  1. Blogger is being quite the butthead today, I agree. It's giving me fits, too.

    I'm thrilled you're enjoying your potpourri. My attachment to the stuff might have crossed the border to mentally unhealthy so it's reassuring to hear it brings the same enjoyment to others. :)

    I love Mr Wooden Man! What a riot!


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