Friday, September 29, 2006

My Precious

Hello, my name is Bettsi and I am in love with a plastic doll. How scary am I? Okay, I'm not in love, but my little Cissette pleases me so much! This is her big debut on the blog. I know that I mentioned her before, but I've never been able to show her because she was.....(ssshhh)....naked! That just would have been wrong. And...because I am such a geek, I couldn't give her a dress until she had proper undergarments! Which, of course, you will never see because she is such a lady. (But they're pretty- lace trimmed pink organdy!) Anyway, she would still be naked if it weren't for my nice new friend, Kathleen. She's the one who found my mention of Cissette and scanned and emailed this pattern to me:

You know how commercial patterns are- tons of tissue! But she scanned every last piece! Such a nice thing to do and I know that Cissette, especially, is grateful. It's not nearly as nice as the original Madame Alexander outfits or as well done as the outfits done by this seamstress, but I'm pretty darn happy with it. I think the next thing will be a little bolero style cardigan to wear with the dress.

I grew up with Barbie. I never even knew Madame Alexander dolls. Now that I've discovered them, I feel slightly cheated! (Geez, Mom, when I get to heaven we'll have to have a talk about this!) They are all so lovely. The one I am now quite hungry for is the darling little Wendykin. I only want a vintage one, of course. Like Cissette, the vintage Wendykins look so much sweeter to me. Here's a very cute one from a past catalog at Lia Sargent's site:

That website is serious eye candy for MA lovers! Drool city! I'm trying to snag a less than perfect girl from ebay, but everyone snipes me at the last minute. In January, I will be going to my first doll show! It's going to be right here near me in Roseville, California. Can I just tell you how exciting this is to me? And just in case any of you are worried that I've stopped loving cloth dolls, let me assure that is not the case! There is a little EFA girl in my head right now that is begging to be born.

3 friends said....:

  1. Her dress is lovely. And her shoes are to die for!

    I had a box full of Madame Alexander dolls (I had a doll collection as a child too) that my husband accidentally threw away. The horror!

  2. Egads! The horror is right! Husbands have no appreciation for these kinds of important things!

  3. She's gorgeous. Love the dress. Aw, MA love! The big MA display case was awe inspiring when I was wee. No one ever gave me one though. They just pried me away from it. LOL One of these days I will have a cute lil chubby Wendy of my own. I already have a Cissy size witch and a Coco.


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