Friday, July 28, 2006

Isn't it ironic, don't you think? (Sorry Alanis!)

I received the most beautiful letter today from an Edith Flack Ackley fan. Geri said that one of my dolls inspired the boy companion dolls that were used for the centerpieces at the EFA Luncheon at UFDC in Dallas! Talk about an honor! Her local club was the one responsible for providing this doll and they were using photos of my doll for inspiration! Of course, hearing this news right after swearing off dollmaking is just about the sweetest irony I've ever experienced. Regardless of that, I feel very honored and blessed by this letter. This one is headed for the scrapbook! Thank you, Geri!

2 friends said....:

  1. Bettsi, that is so wonderful! Josephine

  2. Oh my, that's cool. :) I'm not surprised though. You make nifty EFAs.


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