Thursday, July 20, 2006

hmm, what would be a good title?

I've had a very stressful day. Some things I can't really talk about here, but that have left me feeling a large need for a quiet lay down. And I sit here and think about what it will be like when I get home. I have to drive home Carmen's friend. I have to do the Buddy chore (fetch) in the 106° heat. I already know that Max has been a wild man because I've had the yelling phone calls from home, so I imagine that there is a lovely bit of mess waiting for me. And then, of course, dinner needs to be cooked. I'd like to believe that after all of that, I could lay down somewhere pretty and enjoy my surroundings. But there is no place like that in my house. Every room has unfinished "house" projects. I am picturing each room in my house right now and all I see is the paint overspray in the living roo; the unsanded, unpainted liquid nail patches in the bedroom; the two-count-them-two holes in my dining room; the backyard that looks like an alien landscape of weeds. I would really like to see one room in my house completed. Finito. I will just close my eyes and pretend that I am somewhere pretty. (Please, friends, don't feel the need to comment on this. I already feel like a heel for using my blog as a whiny place. Just ignore this part!)

I did actually begin a sewing project last night that I'm pretty excited about. The first bit of sewing in over a month! It involves cherries and I do have a wee peek for you:
I think it will be useful and cute. Also, I got the sewing books and waaahhh! no directions for threading my machine. I have some photos of the machine and will post again tomorrow. Right now, Earl is standing over my shoulder wishing to go home. (Yes, we work together.) Wish me luck.

3 friends said....:

  1. It's so pretty! Josephine

  2. Darn, I can't see the picture! And Josephine said it was pretty!

    I know you said no comments, but I have to commiserate. I feel the same way. So many things to do, it gets depressing sometimes. I find myself going out for coffee at Barnes & Noble because there they keep the tables clean and have all their books on bookshelves rather than scattered across the floor.

    About your machine: does it thread weirdly? Unless it's really weird, I may be able to talk you through threading, if you can put up a picture. The good thing about this is that if you do it wrong, probably the worst that will happen is that the thread will snap.

    I hope you have a good weekend!

  3. Adventures in threading! Cool. I always draw myself a nice diagram because I forget everything. has a printable recipe and shopping guide for meals that can be prep'd and frozen in advance. Costs $8.25 for all of the recipes and shopping lists for a total of 22 dinners. I couldn't find a direct link to it but it's mentioned on the flylady emails. I'm going to try it because in the last year I've found myself dreading prep time. I used to enjoy cooking and want to feel that way again. :) Good luck, sistah blogger, and you're no heel!


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