Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ebay score!

I have been very controlled in my spending lately and feeling very proud of myself for it, but I had to break my moratorium for these great items:

The book on the right is the one I am excited about. You see, I have my grandmother's White Dressmaster sewing machine from 1947. (Dressmaster! Isn't that great?) It still runs like a champ, but I can't figure out how to thread the darn thing! For years I've been saying that I wanted to start using it, but I was getting pretty discouraged about not being able to thread it. I decided to do a little internet searching and I did find a website that was selling a xerox copy of this manual for $20! Then I decided to try ebay and I can't believe my luck! It was the only one listed and when I saw this picture I had such a flashback! I'm the one who lost my grandma's original manual! Way back when I was 12 and learning to sew, Grandma lent this book to me. It's much more comprehensive then just a machine manual, and I loved it. I still remember learning how to hem from this book. But of course, I lost the book. I had forgotten all about it until I saw this photo. The auction just ended so I don't have it yet, but when it arrives, I'll take some photos of it and the machine itself. It's a real beauty. It's got a box full of attachment that I don't know how to use, like a ruffler and narrow hemming attachments, and a pleater. Also, it doesn't operate with a foot pedal- it's got a bar that comes down from under the machine and you use your knee to operate the machine! Apparently, from what I read on the website I was at, the knee control is pretty rare. I can't wait to show it to you! (The second book looks pretty cool too, so I'll show you what it's got also.)

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  1. Yay! Great score! (Wonderful that you have your grandmother's machine, too.) I love the knee-bar operated sewing machines. My mom's is like that, and it's what I learned on. Mine, of course, is foot pedal operated. I feel I have much better control over speed with the knee bar. I hope you like it!

    As for all those attachments: eek! I use just my plain old regular foot, and sometimes I switch to my quilting 1/4 inch foot. It seems like everyone has to have a ruffler though! I guess ruffles were big once...

  2. Can't wait to see it. Love the knee bar but don't have one. I also have a box of interesting attachments with my gran's machine.

  3. Found your blog doing a Google search on "Dressmaster manual". I have recently acquired an old Dressmaster with a knee presser, in a cabinet, and can't find *any* info about it. It doesn't mention manufacturer anywhere on it. Do you have a picture of your machine? Can you tell me where you found a manual? I have cleaned and oiled a bunch of parts, and seem to have it running, but can't yet get it to sew decently (the bottom threads are all tangled and broken still - I might have the needle in wrong.)
    Thanks for any help you might be able to give me. Please email if you can help - spinningalpaca -at- comcast *dot* net

  4. I have my aunt's Dressmaster Sewing machine. It has a knee petal. I do have a manuel if you still don't have one. What I found is that it is a "lefty". When you thread the needle it goes in left to right. If I didn't have the manuel I would never have figured it out. I also live in NH. I know you posted this in 2006, but if you don't gave have a manuel I will send a copy of it. I was actually looking for bobbins for it and came across this website. Please let me know and have a great day in the Lord! Sincerely, Linda


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