Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Simpler and Sweeter

That was in a testimonial today to FlyLady. The letter writer thanked FlyLady for helping to make her life "simpler and sweeter". I like that. It's what I want for my life too. I should tape those words to my forehead or something!

I never posted the photo of my brother Dean and I, did I? We had a great visit. He is just one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth people I've ever met. He is just so mellow. So is his partner, Rick. They came for brunch at ten in the morning and we talked and talked and talked until 4:30 in the afternoon! I wish we lived closer to them- they are full of fun.

An unexpected side benefit of his visit was that it got me to clean house! I've been maintaining it (thanks to FlyLady) since then too, so I'm feeling very proud of myself. It's been great to enjoy the weekends since I'm not having to spend them cleaning. Just by following the routines and doing what I'm told everyday, I end up having the weekends available for fun. This weekend we're going to camp out at Sly Park Saturday night! Earl and I have been talking about camping since we were dating, but have never gotten around to it! That's pretty bad, isn't it? Well, it's finally happening. We are looking forward to lots of camping this summer.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. I do have some crafting photos to share, but they are at home and I am not. Soon, I hope.

3 friends said....:

  1. That's a wonderful picture, Bettsi! I can see the resemblance, around the eyes. I'm so glad to hear that you had a great visit together. And a clean house too! Wow, you're on a roll. Keep going!

  2. That's a lovely photo of you & your brother! You both look so happy! Josephine

  3. Great photo.

    Oh, I wish I was on cleaning maintenance! :)


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