Tuesday, May 23, 2006

some stuff to share

This is Terri Lee in her "natural state". She looked worse than this when I found her- just absolutely filthy, poor little dear. Here's another photo of her all fixed up:
The wig was something I already had, so it didn't cost me anything which I love. And it makes a world of difference for her. It took only an evening to make her sundress which also includes matching panties with the requisite Terri Lee ruffle butt! Anyway, she's listed on ebay and I have a feeling she's going to do pretty well for me, which is good because I bought a Cissette on ebay last week and she needs stuff!

If you're not familiar with Cissette, she is a 9" fashion doll by Madame Alexander. The cutest ones are from the fifties, but there are new ones being made today. Here's a picture of a Cissette, not mine, but very cute just the same:

I just love her delicate, fifties look. And she's very fun to pose. I have a feeling that this is going to be one demanding doll! She also has a little sister named Wendy and she wants to be reunited with her. I think I'm in trouble...(!)

In other news, we have been busy in my family! Last November, we bought an 18' Tracker fishing boat. The weather has been so nice, we are finally getting out and about with it. This was Mother's Day:

Lots of fun, that day! Great weather and we all went swimming too. The day before this, I met dear Sandra in SF to see Menopause, the Musical! Very funny presentation! We had dinner at Pier 39 and did a little shopping. I got a teeny tiny cable car charm for my bracelet which was originally my mother's. I'll have to share that someday- I love that bracelet. Anyway, Sandra suprised me with cute earrings that she made to match a bracelet that she had previously made for me. And then, this weekend she sent me another bracelet-I'll take a pic of it soon- so cute! Green and gold glass leaves and tiny gold dragonflies- I love it so much! It was a great visit- we try to get together every Mother's Day weekend. We both lost our mother's in the same year, so this is our way of honoring "mom"- we honor each other.

This Sunday, Earl and I went out on the boat on our own which was great until the rain started pelting us!

And finally, we spent a great afternoon on Saturday at my brother and sister-in-law's house to celebrate all the May birthdays in our family. We have lots of them! Stepfather Sheldon and his girlfriend, Delores:

Brother Jonathan with celebratory googly eye on his forehead:

Stepbrother-in-law Dwane, also with googly eye:

Husband Earl with his googly eye! And sweet Carmen is a May birthday too, but was not with us for the party. She was invited to go on a weekend trip to see the giant redwoods. I couldn't stand in the way of that! She had a good time too, but we missed her. So, it was a good weekend- I'm still recovering! Hope you all had a good weekend too!

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  1. Well done, Bettsi! I'd never heard of Terri Lee or Cissette dolls before: they're both lovely! The boat looks great, but what's with the googly third eyes, LOL?! Josephine

  2. Those dolls are both gorgeous! I love how cute the first one looks with her new wig. The Cissette doll is so pretty! Oh! I also wanted to update you that I moved my blog to:

  3. Had to say I love your quote at the top of your blog. Very beautiful. And of course, the dolls are so sweet!


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