Monday, April 03, 2006

Okay, one more time!

Poor Mikey! He was quite upset when he heard that he had not been invited to the tea party. Tammy tried not to be too alarmed by his wild hair and his wild ways and agreed to having a photo taken with him. (Can you guess whose doll he is?) I think Tammy better get on the road pretty quick- Mikey has fallen in love with Peep!
AND...I wanted to show you what Carmen made while I was working on Peep. Look at this cute bunny! Her name is Candace. What a little sweetie!

6 friends said....:

  1. was wondering if you have the patterns on here forothers and the clothing? i make rag dolls or at least that is what i am doing and would love to see other patterns . and i havent found any cloths that i think would be right . any help would very appriciated

  2. i think it is beautiifull i love the way it is . its just what i have been trying to do only i have been going with no real pattern .

  3. Hi Robin, I don't know if you will check back here again, so I will try to reach you via VCD. Here is my e-mail just in case: bettsi_mccomb at yahoo dot com.

  4. Cute! Exclamation points all around. Lovely bun.

  5. Such nice dolls! I love the detail on Tammy and her outfit. The peep--too, too cute! I love peeps. This kind is better for me than the sugary kind! Carmen did such a great job on her bunny! The hair bow and lace skirt are such sweet additions!


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