Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Amanda, you made my day!

What a wonderful suprise I got yesterday! A hat for Carmen! Amanda said she would knit Carmen a hat and I've been watching the progress of her Mary Tyler Moore repro hat on her blog, but I never thought that I was watching Carmen's hat! It is a beauty- well crafted, soft and luscious! All I can say is, Carmen's lucky that her mom is so honest! I really wanted to keep it for myself. Maybe if I'm nice she'll let me borrow it occasionally. Getting a picture of her was not easy- Max kept trying to horn in on our photo shoot. We finally had to sneak into the pantry! This is the best I could do in the circumstances. She isn't really schnockered- but the flash was going off about four inches from her face! Anyway, thank you so much, Amanda! It is beautiful!

P.S. About the clutch purse, Amanda, I'll take a photo tonight and email it to you. You can see what you think.

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