Friday, January 27, 2006

Winter can stay now!

Amanda is a most fabulous friend! She totally made my day today! I ordered this amazing scarf from her etsy shop and found a little stowaway! I was already very covetous of these sweet little penguins and was trying to figure out a way to get to Arizona so I could kidnap one! He must have read my comment and decided to find a way to come to me! His name is Charlie (ala Chaplin) and he is actually very shy. When he doesn't want you to see him, he pulls his cap over his eyes like this:

At first, he headed right out to the freezer, but I explained to him that although his place of origin did start with A like Antartica, it was actually a warm place called Arizona and that he would be more comfortable inside.

So then I introduced him to some of his new friends like Scotty:

And Annie and Elfin Wee:

And have I mentioned that this is a really fabulous scarf? If clouds were warm and you could wrap it around your neck, they would feel like this scarf. I haven't taken it off since I opened the parcel. Amanda, you have made me so very, very happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And speaking of Amandas, the money that bought this scarf was earned by selling True Blue Matilda to Amanda Lee of stuffed. You really need to go see the companion she is creating for her Matilda collection!

2 friends said....:

  1. Oh good, I'm glad everything made it and that you like Charlie--that's a great name for him! I'm so glad he's made friends already, Scotty, Annie, and Elfin look like they'll be good friends to Charlie!

    BTW, I *love* your description of the scarf! I'm glad you like it too!

  2. Wow! Lucky you! And the scraf really is gorgeous!


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