Sunday, January 29, 2006


Got my postcards finished and to the post office just under the wire yesterday! I really cut it close. I'm happy with them-I loved having an opportunity to use that dog repro fabric. The hard part was sewing on the tiny rick rack- I hope it holds!

Today we celebrated my step-granddaughter, Nicole's, 13th birthday. She could care less, of course. Ah the joy of being a depressed, moody 13 year old! Poor thing. I hope it helps her mother to know that they DO outgrow this phase. Her birth was the only birth, other than my own children's (which wasn't nearly as enjoyable for me!) that I attended. She has a very special place in my heart, that girl. Her little sisters, Megan (10) and Allie(8) helped me decorate the cupcakes by making these gumdrop roses. Didn't they do a beautiful job?

4 friends said....:

  1. I had some of that blue dog fabric- so cute! I used it to make a little dress for a knitted kitty cat doll :-)

  2. I GOT MY POSTCARD TODAY!! YAY and i love it! it's beautiful and i know it must have taken quite a bit of time to make them all. i'm going to post pictures to my site this week!
    thanks again!

  3. I think I used that fabric on a pillow. Love the cards!

    I have all the fixin's for cupcakes rarin' to go... Except gumdrops! Yum.

  4. Hi Bettsi, I got my postcard yesterday--thanks so much for including me in your list! It's really beautiful! I love the doggy fabric, and the rick-rack edging is perfect (it made it through the mail just fine). BTW, love the cupcakes too!


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