Thursday, January 12, 2006

Valentine Sweeties

Vintage Cloth Doll Artists are featuring Valentine's Day dolls! I made one too! This is True Blue Matilda:

She was really hard to let go of. This is the doll that I tried to finish for our first VCDA doll show, but got waylaid with a cold first. Then, as I was finishing her up, I thought I might give her to someone, but I couldn't reach the someone. So, it's off to ebay she goes. I really enjoyed making her heart. The buttons are antiques and the bow is made of vintage seam binding. The key is actually new- I found it at my local locksmith and couldn't pass it up. One of these days I will go shop at an antiques mall or something fun like that and buy real old keys.

There a lot of really cute dolls listed. To see them, click our banner below!

Hugs to all!

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  1. Oh I can see why she was so hard to let go of. How lovely she is.


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