Tuesday, January 31, 2006

They're land forms! Don't you know anything about science?

Max's latest hobby. I called them buckets of mud. He said "They're land forms! Don't you know anything about science?" I took him and Eric out of their afterschool program last month and this is precisely why. His brain can only take so much "structure". He needs time for projects like this. Do I like buckets of mud (oh, excuse me, land forms) in my living room? No. But do you see that each one has a theme? And if you were to ask Max, there is a complete microclimate and culture happening with each of them. Complete with adventures! Go Max! You rock!

4 friends said....:

  1. It may look like the boy version of mudpies, but...Geologist? Landscape Artist? Naturalist? Exterior set designer? Who knows where this could lead? :)

  2. Wow, very awesome. How old is Max? I'm a new reader, can you tell? hee hee Enjoying your blog very much. I came across the link at Molly Chicken. Really, wonderful land forms! A++!

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  4. sorry about that! i went post crazy. somehow i had the same post happening twice! woopsie. have a great day! (^-^)v (oh my gosh, funny side note... my word verification for post is "crasyoo" haha)


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