Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I have a corner!

I've been wanting to share this for a few days, but couldn't find the cable to my camera! I have a favorite corner that I love to spend time in. I've been here a lot lately! This is my (as in MY and not anyone else's) computer desk and I love it! Especially since the rest of my house is still in a state of flux. This is one little place that I can say, "done!". Thank you to SouleMama for creating this fun! Sure wish I could figure out flickr. Well, I could, I'm sure. If I would just take a little time to read the instructions! By the way, yes, that is a printer cozy! I love a good printer and this one is new. No cat hair and paw prints allowed! Isn't the Annie cute? That's by Nicole Ellison. The wee is my elfin wee from Hillary's pattern, of course. The cute scotty dog is a vintage doorstop from ebay and the redwork I did myself from a Victorian window design.

And there in one of the cubbies are a pair of gold duckings. They were always in Grandma's living room and I loved them so. It makes me so happy to see them and be reminded of that elegant lady. I will have to show you some photos soon of my beautiful Grandma who was named Bette and for whom I was named!

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