Friday, December 02, 2005

Thank you, Friends!

First, thank you to all of you who left such nice comments over my current angst! And thank you, Sandra, for the phone call! I am feeling much better about Max and life in general. Max and I had a nice visit with a psychologist yesterday, and what he indicated is that all the problems we are having sound like the result of Max's medicine not being at the right dosage. I have to say that I agree. Earl metabolizes medications (well, everything actually) at an amazing rate and Max seems to be the same way. I've noticed too that Max has been extra hungry lately which should have tipped me off. So now I will get back with Max's pediatrician and look into making some changes in dosages or type of medication. Watching Max during our appointment yesterday really brought me a lot of relief. The psychologist asked lots and lots of questions and I think that all Max's responses were awesome. It's funny how we as mothers we think we know our children inside and out and then we experience them from another point of view and it turns out to be so eye-opening! He seems just fine; thank you, God, for this gift of motherhood, each and every day!

In other news, Earl and I went to Walmart last night and spent gobs of money on his boat! But on the plus side, it jumpstarted my Christmas instincts! Whew, I was getting worried there for a while! Now I have some ideas and direction for what I want to do for gifts and I've already started. Tomorrow is going to be Serious Shopping Day in the hopes that I can get most of it taken care of. I'll also be going to Harry & David's today to order for my long distance dear ones. If you've never had fruit from Harry & David, you have never had fruit! Their apples taste like God himself picked it for you and put in your hand! I also have some fun ideas for my step-grandchildren, but I can't give anything away here! I'll take photos when I get those put together-I'm pretty excited about my plans in that direction. I will also be making a couple of play dolls for some of the younger ones who I haven't made dolls for yet.

Oh, and very exciting indeed- I am signing us up to "Adopt a Family" here in the Sacramento area! After Jerry died, my kids and I had a few grim(ish) Christmases. We have been on the receiving side of the equation and for the first time, we are in a position to really take on a project like this. We are all looking forward to shopping for another family. What I did was type "adopt a family sacramento" into google and the first entry connected me with Hands On Sacramento which is a group devoted to hooking up volunteers with various local charities. I'm sure if you did a similar search, you would find a place to help in your own community.

So, feeling very elvish now, I will leave you with a link to Jenny B. Harris's cutest advent calendar ever!

Hugs to all!

P.S. Michelle Lehmkuhl, please email me! I seem to have lost the email with your new address!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the good news, Bettsi! Now you can get into the Christmas spirit and shop till you drop! Josephine


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