Monday, December 12, 2005

Aren't we all "under construction"?

First, I want to thank Jenny for her comment about Max and his ADD. I agree whole heartedly that there is nothing "wrong" with Max. He is energetic, joyful, loving. I would like nothing better than to keep him just as he is. He brings such an amazing amount of happiness to me. (On a soapbox note: this child was conceived out of wedlock and not long after I was widowed. Needless to say, it was not the "right" time for me to be pregnant. I had a choice. And believe me when I say I really struggled over that choice. Hello? Who wants to call their late husband's family and announce something like that? What I kept coming back to was this thought: Carmen and Eric were given their chance at life. Who was I to take away this little person's chance? So, pro-choice and pro-life are important concepts to grapple with politically, but when it comes to real life, I couldn't deny Max his opportunity. I am so thankful that I didn't.) Now, as to his ADD- in a perfect world, there would be delightful, inspiring, fun schools for kids with ADD. It would not be a disability, but an opportunity. An opportunity to take a rare and gifted mind and let it develop all of it's wonderful talents. In our imperfect world, public school is what it is and success at school comes from behaving in ways that are contrary to the nature of an ADD child. Last week I was sorrowing because I see that Max is beginning to feel his difference and I hate to see him struggle. I'm feeling much better about the whole situation. A little perspective is always good. To function in productive ways at school, he takes a pill. Just like I put on reading glasses when I need to work on a doll. When he is not at school or working at homework, he is freely, purely himself. Mr. Max who is always thinking, thinking, thinking and then doing, doing, doing!

As to the "under construction", that is what we've been at here on the home front. We've needed to do some "home work" for a while, so we completed a refinance and now we are lining up electricians, stucco people, landscape people, roofers, buying furniture and basically making like beavers with the busy-ness. We also bought a minivan! Wow, now I know why they are so popular! So comfy and roomy, oh my! Especially with my kids being older (15, 12 & 9), I really appreciate the ability to spread out a bit. No more, "scoot over, you're squishing me!" So that's why I haven't been here at my blog more often. I'm still checking in with everyone else (thank you, bloglines!), but most of the time I'm making phone calls and appointments. Hopefully, regular craftiness will resume soon! I'm working on a couple of Christmas gifts for small people, but that's about it.

Hugs to all!

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  1. What a fantastically honest post.
    I think you're great : )


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