Thursday, November 03, 2005

Spoiled from every direction!

So, as if my backtack goodies were not enough, I got a fabulous birthday package from friend, Cindy Owens! She is such a sweetie-pie! First, there was this sassy happy birthday frog who has landed on my baker's rack.

Then there were the cards, a birthday and a halloween one too that came with a wee little witch broom made my Cindy! How cute! A couple of cute fabrics and two fabulous books! I devoured The Story of Holly and Ivy right away, such a beautiful story! And the second one is new to me. It's call The Mennyms and it looks really good! Cindy and I both love children's lit so this is a fun new find! Thank you, Cindy! I don't deserve all this goodness, but I love it!

2 friends said....:

  1. Happy birthday! You've been having a great run, such beautiful things! May your coming year continue to be as uplifting!

  2. Happy birthday Bettsi! Boy, great minds think alike! I also read tons of kids lit! My excuse is that I have to be up on what my kids are reading, but the truth is I just love it!


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