Sunday, November 13, 2005

Score of the Century

Oh man! I had a great Goodwill shopping trip! The first thing I found was this awesome purse:

I thought it was pretty cute and I looked up the label online. It was Margaret Smith, Gardiner, Maine. Check out this link! Besides that, I found two cute dresses, one chocolate brown one that will be cute with my boots, and a sage green linen shirtdress from Nordstrom's that might need a little reworking. A beige pair of suede pumps with kitten heels, a matching belt that actually fits my girth!, a dark brown pair of tootsie-mootsie loafers that looked like they had never been worn, four darling little salad bowls in my Wexford pattern AND perfect, mint condition Wexford water pitcher! Can we say Amen? All weekend I've been wanting to go and I pretty much talked myself out of it when Earl convinced me to take some boxes of junk from cleaning out the shed. Wow, I am so glad I went!

4 friends said....:

  1. I love those margaret smith bags--luckily they're still pretty easy to come by at thrift stores in maine, so I've scored a couple. I hope you enjoy yours! So lovely!

  2. Love it. I have a bag addiction... adding Margaret to my want list.

    I once got the perfect fifties bag from a thrift store for a buck and it had a buck in it!

  3. wow that's a gorgeous bag!! score!!!

  4. Does nobody notice my crazy little brother in that picture? Nobody? o_O


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