Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Thank you, Sweet Carmen!

Carmen, my super talented and sweet daughter, gave me the nicest early birthday present! See over there under my links? It's a status meter to help me keep my swap partners updated! I love it! Thank you, Miss Carmen!

I have had an interesting day. Little Max called me at work at 11:30 and said he had a really bad headache. I picked him up and spent the day at home with me. This had one nice advantage-sweats and cozy socks! I was also able to package up my three swap dolls without guilt! And I called a slew of arborists to see about removing the giant, limb dropping tree in my backyard. So that was all good. The bad part is that I organized a ton of photos on my computer at work for sharing on my blog. When I left work, I left the photos! I'm so bummed! I have some lovely things to show! Tomorrow, first thing!

2 friends said....:

  1. I would LOVE to have stats like that on my site. Awesome addition.

    Thanks for your kind post on my site. I'm enjoying BT for the new friendships I'm making more than anything else.


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