Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Susan Sirkus

I have been hearing about Susan Sirkus for as long as I've been a member of Vintage Cloth Dollmaking. I have yet to see any dolls made from her patterns! I just found out today that she has a website and it is wonderful! She is known for her authentic, detailed doll clothing, usually presented in the form of Wish Booklets. Click here to see her page that details these very exciting, intriguing patterns! The only thing that bugs me is the lack of pictures! I already want some of them, but now I want to make them and photograph them so we can see what all the fuss is about!

In related news, two of my fellow VCD members, Annie and Kathy, are putting together an ebay selling group. This will be for members of VCD who want to sell their work on ebay. The way it works is that the members of the group will put the initials VCDA (or something similar, I think it is still under discussion) in the title of all their listings. When a shopper puts those initials into the search bar at ebay, all of the group members listings will come up. This is going to be a great way to find dolls that are vintage style. Not prim, because there are plenty of prim groups already on ebay. This will just be artist made, vintage style cloth dolls. This includes quite a range- everything from Izannah Walker dolls to Chase dolls to boudoir dolls to Edith Flack Ackley dolls. (Wow, I googled the above doll types to have links for you and the first three all came back to Mimi Kirchner's reference galleries. Big thank you, Mimi, for putting your collection of photos where we can all enjoy them! )

There really isn't a specific category for the dolls we make. Sometimes we make reproductions of specific antique dolls like my Columbia doll. Other times we make dolls inspired by the look of old time dolls like this wonderful angel I made last year from one of Annie Beez's patterns.
So, when I know for sure what the group will be called, I will share it here!

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  1. Hi Bettsi, I have several of Susan Sirkis's booklets, as well as her Hitty kit, please let me know if you want to see some scans.
    I found Susanna Oroyan's book about boudoir dolls very interesting, though these dolls had never grabbed my attention before her book was published, and I made one from her pattern. I love Lenci boudoir dolls as seen in Stephanie Farago's book and others but of course they are an unattainable dream. One thing I would love to have one day is a mini Izannah doll. There are photos of adorable ones in John Noble's book "Dolls of two centuries".
    I received the doll today, thank you very much and also thanks for the lovely extras! I used to buy Home Companion when I could find it in Tokyo but I haven't found it anywhere in France so I haven't had any of the recent paper dolls. The doll is lovely, you were right, her dress is so pretty she doesn't need a pinafore! Your dolls look so soft and tender. I feel guilty that our swap was a rather unfair one for you!

  2. Bettsi, this is such a wonderful post! Thank you so much for the links ~ they are fabulous! You have reminded me also that I need to go and turn my group mail back on. I am pretty sure I am a member of VCD. Sounds like I am missing a ton of great stuff there! Looks I need to get to posting! I want to join in on the fun ;)

  3. Hi Bettsi,
    I have ordered Susan Sirkis wish booklets 10 and 11-will let you know what they are like when they arrive here in Oz. Try Amazon used books to show you a couple of pages out of some books-the dolls seem very simplistic in construction-but haven't been able to glance the clothing yet. Simplistic is not bad though-as we see in the EFAS.


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