Monday, October 03, 2005

Okay, I lied!

It's not tomorrow that I get my doll from Cindy- It's Today! Is she not amazing? Our aim was to replicate the look of a wooden doll. I think she succeeded beautifully. The thing that doesn't show in the photos is the amazing texture of this doll. Cindy put numerous coats of gesso on this doll and thoroughly sanded between coats. She is satin smooth and wonderful. You can't even see or feel her seams. I am so impressed! Now, pick up a pen from your one? Okay, that is how tall this doll is! Pretty amazing, huh?

And of course, because Cindy is so sweet she gave me all kinds of goodies too! A journal for Anna to record her adventures in (she told me her name as soon as I met her! Very nice manners, I must say!). A pretty yellow dress that I just love, two tiny crocheted satchels for her neccessities, a teeny tiny jack-o-lantern, a tiny Christmas tree, a sparkly pink brooch for me (love it!), a Raggedy Ann and Andy wooden ornament, pretty tissue printed with victorian images and a supply of itty bitty note cards and Christmas cards so that Anna can stay in touch with her friends. Oh, and an amazingly soft afghan for Anna and a cloak that Cindy crocheted that is out of this world! It looks so beautiful on Anna and it is so intricate.

I told Cindy I don't deserve all this! But I love it! I think Anna and I are going to be great friends! I am looking forward to getting home tonight to introduce her to Audrey, the doll Elaine made for me. We'll have to take some more photos!

Thank you, Cindy, so very, very much!

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