Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dear BackTack Spy:

May I tell you how much I have enjoyed your comments? When I see that I got a comment from Backtack Spy, I get so excited! I can't wait to meet you! I'm going to have such a good laugh if I find out I've already known you for a while! You asked about what size bag I would like to have. I like totes! A lot! I have an olive leather purse from the 50's that I wear everyday for work because it looks so nice and professional, but I also carry with me everyday a tote bag. It's the crafty woman's version of a briefcase! And trust me, I ain't carryin' no work stuff in it! Just play materials! The one I am currently using is driving me nut because it has short little handles. I need nice long straps so I can carry it over my shoulder! If I am too late with this info, don't sweat it because I will like whatever you make. I promise!

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