Monday, October 31, 2005

All about Carmen

I am one of the most fortunate women I know. Why, you may ask? Because I have an amazing daughter who loves me, that's why! First, she's beautiful, even if she doesn't know it! Second, she is smart as a whip. (After all, how many of you have a fifteen year old that can tell you why boys are born with nipples?) Third, she is so much fun! (and she calls me Mommy sometimes and makes my heart melt!) Fourth, her talent knows no bounds!

One of her favorite artists online created a character named Sabbath. Above is one of Carmen's drawings of him. As you can see, he is a rag doll made human. As a gift for this artist, Carmen has made a doll. Isn't he fabulous? He still needs his blue jeans, but otherwise he is done. She did an awesome job. How do you like his cool earrings? She is a perfectionist! She must have done and re-done those earrings for two hours! It was a joy to share with her my knowledge and watch her apply it to her own project.

Also, her first quarter report card came this weekend. Our school district does things a little differently than when I was in school. She only has four periods a day, but they're each an hour and a half long. Also, the kids get two grades in each class. One for citizenship and one for academics. Carmen's report card looked like this: A,A,A+,A,A,B,A,B !!!! She so rocks! Her art teacher even called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me that a) she's wonderful and b)her art is wonderful. And I said, I know, isn't she amazing?

Now, lest you think I am bragging, I will say, No Way! She is who she is. She sprang from the womb like this! All I've ever done is sat back and watched in awe!
(Love you, Carmelita!)

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  1. -blush- Thankyou! Omg, someone actualy posted about me! Even if it is my mom, this is awsome.

    Aaaaand... -puppy dog eyes- I would <3 it if you would put a link to my blog in her somewhere, if you have time. Please? ^_^;;

  2. I bet the recipient is going to love that excellent doll! Your daughter is so creative! Is the body from an EFA pattern? Josephine

  3. That is sooo awesome! Really great work! I hope I have a good relationship with my daughter wehn she is that age like you have with yours. (By the way let me know when your package arrives ok?)

  4. Yes, this is the EFA little girl pattern. She has become so devoted to this doll! She is currently making him pajamas!

  5. Hi, I found your site while doing a search for antique dolls, childrens dolls and teddy bears. Wow, love your site. It really was a pleasure to read. Thanks.


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