Thursday, September 08, 2005


Words cannot describe how giddy I am right now! This tiny little doll is only 6" tall. She is absolutely delightful! That tricky Elaine! We were supposed to be trading 12" Little Girl dolls, but when she heard that I was beginning to go a little Hitty crazy, she made this tiny sweetheart for me!

Her tiny little face is hand embroidered. her beautiful dress and bonnet are the most amazing little garments. She wears tiny felt shoes! It appears that all of her clothing is removable! Remarkable! She has on pretty pink bloomers and a matching petticoat. This picture is not very good, and I'm sorry because she is so awe inspiring in person! Elaine's Hittys, sweet girls that they are, gave her a Hitty book and a basket with a tiny, tiny teddy bear to take with her. She's even got this fabulous hankerchief with a crocheted edging that will make a perfect bed sheet for her. Elaine even sent some photos, including one of her Hittys presenting my doll with her possessions. Elaine wrote the nicest note explaining that "Hittys and their friends always accumulate possessions!" (Hmmm, Hittys sound like dollmakers!)

So, Elaine, thank you so very, very much! This is even better than I had anticipated!

Now I MUST finish my swap dolls. They are all in differents stages of completion. Poor Elaine's doll is sitting around with no mouth! I've already picked out two bad attempts. Maybe the third will be the charm!

3 friends said....:

  1. Oh, lucky Bettsi! How delightful! Josephine

  2. Oh my goodness, she is a tiny work of art! So lovely!

  3. Hi there! I'm your back tack partner just snooping around on your site to see what you're into! Just wanted to let you know I'm around and getting to know you through your blog! I Love your dolls! Fantastic!


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