Thursday, September 15, 2005

With egg on my face...

I was so envious of all the back-tack participants! I was so excited to participate in back-tack II! And I blew it right out of the gate! Gehrr..rr..r...! It's supposed to be a secret swap. I thought it was a normal swap and went ahead and contacted the person I was making a back-tack bag for! See...I was supposed to be watching her blog and getting clues about what she would like. I could also send anonymous emails or ecards. Someone else was watching my blog and making a bag for me!!! Oy vay. My recipient was very gracious and didn't come right out and call me names, thank goodness. I told her to forget I ever contacted her!

*Note to person making my back-tack item: Please add some smart pills!!!

3 friends said....:

  1. Bettsi--I did the same thing! So you're not alone. I went to the trouble of setting up an anonymous email so I could contact my BT buddy, and then rather stupidly went and used my real email address instead. Oy vay is right. Oh well, so it won't be a secret, but it will still be fun anyway!


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