Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Some Real Progress At Last!

Elaine's doll is finished!!!!! Woo hoo! And you know what, I like her now! She's pretty cute. I will post photos of her when I know that Elaine has received her. Also, Helene's doll has only one shoe left to finish. I wasn't going to make a pinafore for her because her dress is so pretty, but I've changed my mind. I'll make up a pinafore today and be finished tonight! Wow! I never thought I'd get this far! Cindy's doll still needs a new dress, but the nice thing about that doll is that it's so little, sewing for it goes really fast!

Donna Huffmaster shared this great site on her blog. Check it out. This is a very simple to do project that can help a lot of children affected by Katrina. I am going to try to make up a bunch this weekend.

Happy dolling, everyone!

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