Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My talented friend, Cindy Owens

Now, I must preface by saying that this is not my doll. Cindy is involved in more than one swap and this is a doll she made for someone else. I had to share it here because it is so awesome! Again, this is a small doll. Approximately 6". When you see the doll I am making, you will see how much I struggle with this little size! Not Cindy, though! Isn't the face on this doll amazing?

The auction for the Evangeline Booth home is right around the corner. Pam Small, the wonderful lady behind the auction, has posted photos of all the dolls contributed. My humble offerings are there too. Cindy is the one who originally made me aware of the auction. It will be so interesting to hear how much it helped the Home when it is over. You can see the dolls here, including the beautiful ones that Cindy made.

Don't you think Cindy needs to make a blog or flickr account so we can see all of her dolls? Say so, please! Maybe we'll convince her!

3 friends said....:

  1. Your 'Baby' doll looks great. I really like her and Miss Columbia. That was so cool of you to donate both of them.

    Cindy definitely needs to put up a blog or photo album. We have all been missing out!

  2. Hello Bettsi,
    It's me Coryn. Yes I agree that Cindy should definitely have her own blog or pic. trail. Would love to see it! (Hello Cindy)

    I checked out the auction contributions and two out of three dolls that I first picked to look at were your wonderful dolls. What was the third one you might say..okay it was teapot lady-pretty neat-need to have one of those.
    Your EFA's are always beautiful, but you have outdone yourself with Miss Columbia. Gorgeous.
    warm wishes from Coryn in Melbourne, Australia.

  3. Oh, please have Cindy contact me. It's Lisa Risler - her work is truly amazing and I miss her terribly. I have a lot of her tiny pieces and WOW is all I can say - I love each and every one of them. Those FACES! :)


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