Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Feeling a little better...

I spent quite a bit of time today at Fly Lady. If you're not familiar with Fly Lady, she is a woman named Marla who worked very hard at getting her life organized. She was part of a Yahoo group dedicated to the subject. She picked the user name Fly Lady because she teaches fly fishing. Anyway, as she became more and more successful in her efforts, she began to share what she had learned. She began her own website and wrote a book. She now has an entire organization with employees and a shop and the whole nine yards.

I like the site. It's a very motivational place. She actually has an entire mailing group that you can join. It's free and basically what it is is a lot of email! The emails are meant to act as reminders and they are often quite inspirational. She will sometimes share letters she has gotten from people who have really been helped by her system. She has really helped a lot of people learn how to "fly".

I got tired of the emails and left the program about two years ago after being in it for just a little while. Also, I had a little attitude problem. I remember thinking then, "I know all this stuff. I don't need to be walked through every little thing. This program is for hard case messes who don't know any better." Well, I'm not so smug anymore! When I am feeling this overwhelmed and out of control, I need all the help I can get!

So I think I will sign up again. I plan to do everything I'm told! I generally do not like people telling me what to do, but I can see that I have much to gain and not too much to lose. I like her whole "spirit". She really emphasizes "baby steps". Like establishing good habits. And de-cluttering in small steps. And no whining! I want to be open and humble in the process. I'm tired of swinging from one extreme to the other. I want to do certain things in my life like craft and volunteer. I really want to believe that by establishing some order, I can do those things without everything else falling apart. So, call me corny or goofy, but I am ready to learn how to Fly!

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  1. I'm not going to call you corny or goofy but I like it when others say those things about me. When I am feeling a little cramped by clutter and totally unmotivated, I go clean my kitchen sink. So, as you can tell, I am familiar with 'flying'. Once the sink is shiny, I move on to another project. Psyching myself out, I guess, but it works every single time. LOL

    Go ahead and volunteer. You will find the time to fit it in. I volunteered at a library for three years and had a great time.


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