Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dressmaking fits

I have been trying and trying to get my swap dolls done and they are all giving me fits. But first I must confess that poor Courtney's little EFA has not even been started. So Courtney, if you are a reader here, I offer my sincere apologies. I have every intention of making her, but the three dolls I am working on are driving me nuts.

First, Elaine's doll. She has had more faces than Eve, but I have yet to be really satified with any of them. The one she wears now is not horrible, but it's not ...right. Helene's doll in comparison has a beautiful face. Why one turned out well and the other not so much, I do not know. They are both fully dressed except that Helene's doll needs a sash. And they both need shoes which is another big source of frustration. I need some leather. I need time to shop for leather. Everyday I say "Maybe tonight I can get x,y and z done." And every night I feel that I get nothing done. That is not strictly true, but everything just takes longer than I think it will. Cindy's doll is absolutely beautiful, but making a dress for her has been a real test of skill. She has a one-and-a-half inch waist, for the cryin' out loud! I wanted to dress her in 1830's Romantic Era style. I found a pretty pink and white pinstripe in my stash, but unfortunately it is oxford cloth and it unravels the minute I cut it. She is actually wearing the dress right now. I cannot say that it is my best work. I don't think anything is more frustrating than working so hard on something and then being disappointed with the results. Like the face on Elaine's doll and the dress on Cindy's doll.


I think after this I'll just make aprons.

In other news, today I dropped by Donna Huffmaster's blog and found me in her entry! Along with other crafty bloggers whose hems I am unworthy to touch! That was rather nice. Thank you, Donna!

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  1. I like to use glove leather for soft shoes. If you let people know you want their single gloves when they've lost the mate, you'll soon a a large collection of gloves to work with!


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