Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hey I've been tagged!

I am feeling so special! Thanks, Amanda!

Okay, 5 things!
Five albums on your ipod!
Since I am not cool enough to have an ipod, I will share my favorite CD's.
1. Graceland by Paul Simon
2. Home by The Dixie Chicks (White Trash Wedding cracks me up!)
3. The two disk live album by Alison Kraus
4. Deep Enough to Dream by Chris Rice
5. Emotional Rescue by Rolling Stones (cause they rock!)

Five movies you've seen recently.
Good heavens! Sit long enough to watch a movie? Who does that! This is going to be an embarrassing list because if I do watch a movie, it's usually something that Earl or the kids want to see AND we haven't been to the theater in I don't know how long!
1. Fat Albert (hey, hey, hey!)
2. The original Battlestar Galactica from the 1970's. (Gimme a break!)
3. 84 Charring Cross Road. This was a real treat for me. I had hand sewing to do and this was on On Demand. Nobody around to give me a hard time!
4. Phenomenon. One of my favorites. If no one is around to pre-empt the TV, I'll pop this in and cry, cry, cry. I think it's beautiful! (My other all time favorite is Ground Hog Day!)
5. I'm going to say March of the Penguins because I'm determined to take Carmen to see it tomorrow!

Five nice things that have happened to you lately.
1. I aked on my doll lists if anyone would be interested in trading dolls with me and I got five responses! It makes me glad that other dollmakers whose work I love, like my work well enough to want to trade with me.
2. Max calling me at work to ask me if my refrigerator was running! (He's a cheeky little imp!)
3. Carmen choosing to hang out with me last night while I was sewing and watching HGTV. Fifteen year old's company is hard to come by when you're Mom.
4. Getting a rejection letter from a publishing company! That may not seem like something nice, but to me it is proof that I went out on a limb toward a goal. I'm not going to say much more on this subject, but it was a query letter about a craft book I would like to write. I'm going to keep trying!
5. Meeting Earl's aunt and cousin and seeing him getting some of the love that he has not had enough of in his life.

Five MP3's or magazines. Since my CD list pretty well covered my music tastes, I'll go with the magazines.
1. Guideposts. I love to read it in a single sitting. This magazine is a collection of people's stories of how God has moved in their lives. I love them. Every article brings tears to my eyes and reminds me that God is good. Everyday.
2. Heh, heh. Prevention! I don't know, I guess I'm thinking that one of these days it will have a good effect on me! Hasn't happened yet! Just makes me aware of how bad my diet really is!
3. I don't subscribe to this, but I love to check it out at the library. Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion. Women living art is very inspiring!
4. Better Homes & Gardens. Mine aren't "better" yet, but I love to work on it!
5. Another library indulgence: Marha Stewart's Living. Can anyone resist?

Five people you are passing this onto! Okay, girls, I hope you're reading and that I'm not talking to myself!
1. Bertha
2. Mimi K.
3. Amanda Lee
4. Myra
5. Lyn

Amanda, this was fun! Thanks for thinking of me!

3 friends said....:

  1. Glad you had fun with this, Bettsi! I hope you like March of the Penguins. Because if you don't, well, I don't know if I'll be able to read your blog anymore. (Just kidding, of course!) Also, I think it's wonderful that you put in a book proposal, even if you were rejected. Did they give you any useful feedback? Just keep trying!

  2. Fun!! Thanks for tagging me!! I just put my responses over at my blog! That's so awesome that you sent in a book query! I am not sure I'd ever have the nerve! I hope you'll keep trying, I'd definitely buy it!

  3. Congrats! I would buy it, too. Maybe I am easily influenced but I always find the bold actions of real people inspirational. I am going to do something gutsy today.


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