Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Insert Rasberry Sound Here

What a terrible case of the blahs! I think I'm in the middle of summer burnout. Tempetures continue to hover around the 100° mark with no end in sight. In spite of the air conditioning, my sewing/dining/family room gets the setting sun so it's still a little too warm for evening sewing. I guess I could bring in a fan, but I'm just not feeling all that inspired. It's a pretty sad thing to not be inspired for sewing.

I've also become quite tired of my children. What a useless bunch! All they do is make messes, sleep all day, play video games and watch tv. I need to drop kick the bunch of them. How long till school starts?

I really want to work on Pink Lemonade for Tie One On, but my fabric is at the post office and there doesn't seem to be a long enough break for me to go get it! I ordered the most beautiful cotton organdy direct from India on ebay. I'm itching to get my hands on it! Maybe I can sneak over there sometime today. (Yikes! I went over to ebay to link to the seller I bought from and ended up bidding on a vintage organdy apron and a pair of vintage organdy curtain panels!)

So...sorry I'm not more entertaining.

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