Tuesday, July 12, 2005

How does one stay on top of one's favorite blogs?

I have so many "favorites" now that I can't keep up with them. I know Amanda at Zhinka dinka doo has a site she uses, maybe I'll try that. I've also thought about organizing my Favorites into categories like "frequent posters" and semi-frequent posters" so that I might not miss anything. So many wonderful, creative women that I so admire. I need to add more to my links here.

I have recently discovered Joy Madison. She is quite awesome. Young, young children, but so busy! She does the most beautiful scrapbook pages and takes gorgeous photos of her family. I am most impressed!

I have many cute things to share, but need to get my hands on a camera. The one I call "mine" is actually my boss's. It has been recently returned to work, but may have to come right back home with me tonight! I want to show you the darling bag that my partner in the Tote Bag Swap sent to me. Plus...I finished my Home on the Range apron!!!! It turned out even cuter than I imagined, so I must get some pictures! Also made some shorts for myself this weekend and a cute top. Photos soon...(I hope!).

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