Monday, July 18, 2005

Home on the Range (at last)

Hillary has already finished her Pink Lemonade apron (so amazing!) and I have only just finished last month's apron! Anyway, I'm very pleased with it and I'm happy to say that it will be going to a good home in Texas! My stepdaughter and her family is moving away to Texas (from California) and I wanted to make this a little good bye gift.

It's made of woven suede and the horseshoe pockets and trim are brown gingham. The funnest part was cutting the fringe at the bottom. I'm so pleased with it's "come and get it" goodness!

Also going to Texas are these fun little Wee-ha's! They are, of course, Wees made from Hillary's pattern, but they've been embellished by more Texas fringe. And little sheriff's stars with the girls' initials on them. Wee-ha, if you didn't know, is pronounced just like a cowboy's "Yeeehaww!" And they're very fun to toss around while yelling "Wee-ha".

Anyway, while I hate to see my family move away, these little love tokens ease the pain a little bit for me.

4 friends said....:

  1. They are sooooo sweet !!

  2. I love your apron, i was actually going to do that same horse shoe pockets deal! Weird! Thanks for the nice comments , i love getting them! I usually have to email my mom and ask her to leave me some! Ha Ha .. pitiful!

  3. Love your apron and the wees are such cuties!


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