Thursday, July 07, 2005

A herd of aprons!

The June gallery is up for Tie One On. So many awesome aprons! I'm so sad that I didn't get mine done. I think I'll have to make it anyway because it really does exist in my mind as if I HAD made it. Although I saw many that had elements that I wanted for my apron, none were really that close. I must make my apron!

The theme for July is Pink Lemonade. How yummy does that sound? I know almost exactly how I want to work it, but whether or not I can find the fabric I want remains to be seen...

We hosted a barbeque on the 4th. 72 back breaking hours of yard and housework to get ready for a five hour party. Honey sprained his ankle on the 23rd so guess who got to do the mowing and edging? Quarter of an acre! Hey, this is a big deal for a girl who has lived in apartments for the past 22 years! Sunburn, mosquitos, muscle aches, oh my! (It was a fun party, though!) I feel like I've been doing a lot of recovery since the party, but not much crafting. Actually, we are in the process of fixing our air conditioner too. 100° and no central air! Waahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okey-dokey, crying over. So many people in much worse circumstances than me. I don't speak much of my faith, but Londoners are certainly in my prayers today and in many others' prayers as well. And I don't want to get political on my blog either, but how do these terrorists think that violence and killing are going to get them what they want?

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  1. I am still in shock. I had caffeinated insomnia last night and went to bed just before the second incident. I completely bought the first news story about it being an accident and that has fed the shock, I think.

    As far as aprons go, I have the fabric and no inspiration for oddness. I may end up with something rather normal. Ho-hum.

    Congrats on the mowing. I don't have the strength of character for it and it looks like others in my family are similarly lacking. I don't want to hire another gardener after the last one ripped out all of my flowers (including my grandmother and great auntie's roses) by mistake.


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