Friday, July 01, 2005


It worked!

So, what I wanted to write about is my cute little Christopher Robin. I showed his body a couple of days ago. Since then all I've accomplished is a pair of boxers for him. I really don't know what kind of underwear boys in the 1920's wore, but these are just pretty basic.

I also got a little help from my friend, Patti-Ann Stanley, regarding yarn choices for hair. And I've been surfing for good images of Christopher and 1920's boy clothing in general. I found some really sweet pictures of the real Christopher like the one on my previous post. Here are some more:

This is Christopher with his mother

And here is one with him and the "real" Pooh

But the most useful one for my purpose is this ridiculously expensive figurine up on top there. I love that smock he's wearing. It's a very common item in the book's illustrations. I would guess that it's a "clothes protector" for children of that era. If anyone can tell me more about this clothing item, I'd like to hear it! Also, I'm on the prowl for a tiny bear pattern so that I can make a Pooh. I don't know what I'll be doing with this doll, but he is demanding to be made!

Just a note here: I made a June bug for Month of Softies, but I lost it! I made a Love Bug! I used to call Max a love bug when he was little (okay, I still do!) so I created a cute little bug pin cushion. Well, Mr. Max has absconded with it! So it may not get on the gallery, but I will share it here when I find it. Home on the Range apron! Boohoo! I got as far as cutting out the pieces and that was it. My tote bag for the Craftster swap took up almost the whole month. I'd love to show it off, but I have to wait for my partner to receive it!

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  1. I love those old pictures of the real Christopher Robin! And that figurine is adorable! Congrats on getting pictures to post, I can imagine how frustrating that must have been. Oh, one last thing: *both* of your love bugs are so sweet!


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