Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Apron Brigade!

My daughter made me laugh. She called me here at work to tell me that I seemed like a perfect future member of the Red Hat Ladies. I'm sorry, but that is so done. When Hallmark gets in on the action, well, let's just say it's gone on long enough! So I said I was part of the Apron Brigade! She asked me if anyone other than the other bloggers knew about this phenomenon and I told her no, it's a secret society-that's what makes it cool! So, ssshhhhh, don't tell Hallmark!

2 friends said....:

  1. Following a network of blogs I happily found yours and just finished viewing all those beautiful dolls on your website. I agree with your post about the red-hat society going "corporate" and how sad because...I finally get old enough to consider joining and now I don't want too! I like this *secret apron sister society* (you could call is SASS) much better. Swing over and say HI on my blog sometime. :o)

  2. My sentiments exactly on Red Hats. The apron brigade appears to be growing, however, and I'm finding links all over.

    Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog and am in complete harmony with Graceland as, over and over and over again, fresh and delightful. The poet lyricist of my youth, but while many passions die, this one has remainded for lo, these many, many years.


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