Friday, June 17, 2005

Puppies and how we love them....

One of my favorite blogs to visit belongs to illustrator, Roz Fulcher. She recently wrote about losing her long time friend Sugar.

We have a wonderful dog named Buddy. We got him last year at a garage sale! Seriously, we met his owner at her garage sale and got to talking about the neighborhood and we mentioned that we were getting ready to get a dog now that we lived in a house. She was disabled due to an accident and told us that she had a dog who needed a new home where he would get the exercise that he needed. And that's how we got this wonderful guy.

He is half blue tick hound and half queensland heeler. He has OCFD (obsessive-compulsive fetching disorder) and he doesn't like the mailman, but he is such a sweet boy. We call him the Love Dog. He grins too. It's ugly if you don't know what he's doing, but he learned it from humans. It's his, "I love you, let's play fetch" face. It usually comes with body and tail wiggling!

The only downside to having Buddy is that he is ten years old. Most people cannot even believe his age, but I'm the first person up in the morning and I see how stiff he is when he first wakes up. I hate to think that our time with him is so limited. And yet, I wouldn't trade him for a puppy any day. Good ol' Buddy.

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